I Can Be Your Ghostwriter

For a time, I used the domain “allroundcreative” and referred to myself as an “all ‘round creative person.” At some point, it was too cutesy. Since my given name is pretty memorable, I started keeping things simple.

I am creative in many ways, though, so I sometimes miss using that phrase. I started out in fine art (painting, printmaking, drawing) and moved into graphic design because it was a great place to apply principles learned in a fine art program. But also because I’m an IT nerd who enjoys working with Macs. (I sometimes think about pivoting to Mac IT because I enjoy ferreting out and fixing my own tech issues.)

I have also really enjoyed writing throughout my life. Mostly creative writing; poetry, songs, essays. But over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of supplied copy making suggestions that improve a draft by organizing ideas, bringing consistency, or toning down flourishes that break the flow, and making the desired takeaway or action clear.

I’m very good at it. But it feels strange to sell that skill since I don’t have formal education in copywriting. It’s something I want to put up front a bit more, I’m just not sure how best to proceed. I think of copywriting as more of a value-add. But I look for opportunities to do more of it and keep honing those skills.