Earbuds for Work

I’ve seen and heard managers’ hesitation when #creatives explain that they need to use #earbuds to work. You can see the incredulity in the ever so slightly raised eyebrow.

But it really is a genuine tool. Many tasks in #design require a unique kind of focus that is aided by #music or by #ambient or #whitenoise — not only to drown out the sounds in an office but also to #zonein on the project at hand.

So when your team expresses the preference or need to use earbuds; trust them. Trust that you have made a good hire. It will be very evident if they are unable to deliver. Then you can have a conversation about whether this method of focus is truly the most effective one for them from the standing of wanting to help develop them professionally. And that’s a much more helpful and motivating conversation.

photo credit: @aaina @unsplash