We All Work Differently

Recently, I was admonished in a one-on-one meeting for making notes in a work journal. I was completely taken aback. How could someone be irked by a colleague taking notes in their training session?

I had barely put pen to paper when the person waved their hand at me and tersely said, “No, it’s simple.” I calmly replied, “Sometimes the act of writing helps me learn and remember” and made the brief note.

Note-taking is always important to me even though I don’t always need to refer to them. It is often, as I’d noted in the above exchange, the act of writing that solidifies a concept or process in my mind.

It can be challenging to remember that we all learn and work differently. But if you are entrusted with training people, it’s vital to their success to allow them to use simple devices that help them master the material. It might be taking notes on paper, asking questions that explore the topic in a different way, or simply asking you to rephrase something.

Kindness and patience are key for building trust and creating a productive environment in which all can learn, thrive, and perform optimally.

What are some #workhabits you have that help you master new material or simply reinforce what you already know?

photo credit: @fotografierende @unsplash