Woahback Thursday


I’ve been meaning to make good on my goal of adding more work to this site and keeping things current. It requires digging back into years and years of work samples.

“Woah!” is an exclamation I’m making pretty frequently as I look at things I had forgotten about. “Wow! I remember when I needed to learn how to do that really quickly!” Growth mindset ftw!

An example is this video for which I learned Apple Motion (the client’s tool of choice), selected stock video and music, wrote the script, performed the voiceover, and learned to cut it all together in under a month for a conference. (Alongside other duties, of course.)

There are definitely things I could do better today but I think it’s still pretty good! What do you think?

I think the trait I’m most glad to have is always being game. You need something done that no one on the team has the skillset for? Leave it with me. I looooooove learning new things so I’m never afraid of a new challenge. Sometimes it’ll become something I add to my permanent toolbox, and sometimes I’ll just be able to bridge the gap until a new team member is added or vendor selected. But the more I can be exposed to the better as far as I’m concerned.

The employers I was with for the project highlighted here once looked at each other then at me and said, “Heather, you know about a lot of things!” It was one of my favorite compliments ever whether they meant it as such or not 🤣. I think they were mainly surprised that I could contribute to conversations about almost anything. It’s because I’m constantly looking, listening, asking, learning… this is the way.