Collaborative Playlists for Team Building

This walks hand-in-hand with an earlier post about earbuds and the productivity of creatives. Another way to leverage sound is with #collaborativeplaylists for #teambuilding

Media creates undeniable connections. Creating a collaborative playlist (I like to use Spotify) helps teams get to know each other, creates genuine points of reference, and fosters communication.

It takes minimal effort to do but can really enrich your #community at work introducing a little fun, a little play, a little surprise.

You may want to set a few ground rules to help everyone feel included and comfortable. For example, nothing explicit, political, or religious is an easy one. Perhaps no more than three new adds per person per week so that no one takes over.

Consider creating a fresh list each month. Keep an archive and invite everyone to look back at the end of the year to see how their personal tastes may have expanded or to share the way the evolution of a playlist installment inspired a particular project.

Message me with the first three songs you would add to your team building playlist to get the ball rolling, or to ask for ideas!